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The D2S harness is required when connecting an amp ballast to a D2S bulb. Ask an HID associate to find out what bulb your vehicle requires.



Factory harnesses don't receiving the proper feedback voltage and/or resistance from the HID lights. The resistor will mimic the factory feedback so that everything will function properly. It can also restrict the power coming from the vehicle that is causing the kit to over power and shut off.  These resistors are mainly used on Heavy Duty American Trucks (Dodges, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet). Not all of these vehicles need a resistor so we recommend checking your vehicle for any known problems that might require one.



  • Flickering/Strobing

  • Cut-off point issues

  • Automatic Headlights



LED decoders are used when installing an LED that blinks (such as a turn signal). The LED decoder reduces the power on the LED light so they can function properly. It can also fix the bulb out warning of European cars such as BMW, Audi and Mercede Benz.



  • Error message cause by OBC Check

  • Hyper Flashing on Turning Signal

  • Hyper Blink on LED 



Anti Flicker Capacitors are required for vehicles where headlights are "flickering" or have a "strobe effect" after installing an HID Conversion Kit. They eliminate "Bulb Out" warnings or "Bulb Failure" warnings " in your dash.



  • Flickering

  • Strobing

  • Bulb warning signals



Relay harnesses provide power directly from the vehicle’s battery to the lighting system. This allows the bulb, or HID ballast, to operate independently of the vehicle’s original wiring system and can provide a power source that is consistent.


*Also available with resistors built in*



  • Uneven power distribution

  • Flickering

  • Automatic lights

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