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$10 Each

Convert almost any interior light from stock incandescent bulbs to LED using direct replacement LED bulbs. LED replacements for bayonet bulbs, plastic wedge base and glass wedge base bulbs. Includes a canbus option ( recommended for higher end vehicles and prevents strobing.)



Price Varies

We can install all kinds of LED strips into your vehicle. We have an array of different color options and color changing strips! Color changing strips comes with a remote where you can control what colors you want displayed along with different  strobing options. Strips can be customized  to your stereo so that the lights flash to the beat of your music. Prices vary depending on the vehicle, number of strips, length of strips, type of strips, and where you want the strips hooked up to (ex. stereo, headlights, door lights, switch, turn signals, etc). 


$100 a pair + labor

Our ghost shadow kits project a high quality LED image onto the ground when you open your door. We offer over 100 different logos which include car emblems, sports teams, super hero logos, and more! (See available logos below.Each kit includes two ghost shadow projectors, one custom drill bit, and all required wiring. Our kits are made with durable metal housings and high power CREE LEDs to provide quality in image and a long life. Labor for these kits is extensive and our labor fee is roughly $125. This fee varies depending on the vehicle (some vehicles are not compatible with the lights) 

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