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Headlight troubleshoot
• We install Headlights/Fog light
• Light bar wiring 
• Advanced electrical work (specializing in 12V)
•Headlight/Fog Adjustment
•Headlight Restoration
•Headlight Moisture Removal
•We will also install customer's parts. 
**Products purchased and installed by us will get a longer warranty**

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

 Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Every car is unique in it's own way and compatibility is the problem that arises when looking to put in new parts for your vehicle. If you want to know what types of parts are compatible with your vehicle or have a question about pricing, we're here to help! Give us a call or swing by for advice!

comprehensive range of lighting and electrical products and services designed


Are your lights not bright enough for you? We provide basic upgrades from halogen lighting, HID, or LED head lights. Check out our products to get an idea of pricing.

*Labor rates may apply*

Our team consists of experienced professionals


Have a headlight out? Stop by for an inspection! We specialize in headlights, tail lights, fog lights, interior/exterior lighting, day-time running lights, and more!



Same-day Service

Headlight troubleshoot


Headlight restoration service can remove the oxidation buildup that reduces brightness and clarity from your headlights. With our services, you can enjoy better visibility at night and have a safer driving experience. Contact us to schedule a restoration service.

Headlight, fog lights and any lighting related troubleshoot


Are your lights not pointing in the direction you want them to? Bring your vehicle in for a headlight adjustment. You wont have to worry about your lights pointing in the wrong direction anymore!

Headlight troubleshoot


We provide headlight moisture removed for any water damage lighting assembly also prevent further moisture from coming back.  

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